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REEMAIN closer to definition of simulation models following workshop at DMU

A further step has been taken towards the definition of the renewable energy models to be used in the REEMAIN demo sites at a technical meeting held last June in Leicester at De Montfort University. 

Discussion involving some of the key technical partners in the project (CartifEuracDMUIESSoleraJERIkerlan) focused on solar concentration options (lead by SOLERA), on battery storage technologies (lead by IKERLAN) and on overall approach to energy system modelling (lead by IES).

Models for solar concentrators should take into account not just the characterization of the collectors but also other variables linked to its integration, in order to optimize the performance that the industrial user can obtain when modeling them with the parameters of that specific project.

On the battery storage side, the next challenge will be to integrate battery modules (up to three batteries) operating 14 cells, currently under development at Ikerlan.

How this will affect the decision making tool is not yet defined. “At the moment- says Vincent Murray, project technical leader at IES - the priority is defining the correct modelling approach for technologies, which also entails acquiring information on current processes at plants. This should enable the industrial users involved in the project to select the most appropriate technology options”, a phase that will eventually feed into the design of the decision making tools to be delivered.

It is expected that progress in simulation activities, led by software specialists IES, might mark a significant advance early in 2015, allowing users to get sufficiently reliable projections on the performance of the technologies they would adopt.