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The SCM Workshop

The importance of technology foresight and patent trends: some conclusions from the REEMAIN workshop within the LET’s 2014 Conference

A workshop gathering a little more than 40 participants took place in Rimini (Italy) at the SCM headquarters at the end of September, focussing on “Improved efficiency and resources management in Factories”, in connection with the LET’s 2014 Conference held in Bologna.

“As a side event to the LET’s Conference – says Giuseppe Lucisano of SCM foundry, one of REEMAIN’s industrial partners – our workshop proved an excellent opportunity to do work together with colleagues from the Daphne, Factory Ecomation and Foundenergy projects. We share several common issues and an efficient exchange of information and experiences is fundamental to enhance the uptake of innovative solutions for our production processes”.

The workshop followed a visit to the SCM foundry and touched upon both technical and economic issues, looking also at management practices. “In our view - says Lucisano – it is also very useful to invest on technology foresight to detect innovation trends, to know for instance what has been patented, what kind of knowledge has emerged and what will come next”.

According to Franco Cavadini of Synesis, scientific and technical coordinator of the Factory Ecomation project, “Events like these must be seen as an occasion to bridge the gap between research and industry. Work done in our projects can potentially benefit control optimisation approaches in several industrial settings, and it is very important for us to be challenged also with requirements and needs from different contexts”.

The workshop has also been the occasion to formally start the clustering activity among the four EU research projects (REEMAIN, Daphne, Factory Ecomation and Foundenergy), focussing on energy efficiency topics in energy intensive industrial sectors.