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Preliminary report on efficiency measures

Problems mapping and first efficiency measures planned

A “Preliminary report on selection of efficiency measures “ was issued at the end of the first assessment of the efficiency improvements needed in the three demo sites. This extensive report concludes provides an initial identification of problems, opportunities and corresponding measures proposed to reduce inefficiencies and optimise processes. In this first phase, the three factories have been analysed in detail in terms of processes, auxiliary services, layouts, production schedules, and a first list of possible efficiency measures has been identified for each of them following a traditional analysis of the manufacturing sites.

These preliminary solutions will be further studied, ranked and evaluated in the second phase of the task to obtain a roll-out plan for the full deployment of optimisation arrangements. In parallel to the traditional analysis, IES have applied its existing (non-commercial) analysis tool for manufacturing environment to create models of the three factories and to analyse SCM factory (the foundry case in REEMAIN) in detail, starting from the already extensive amount of metered data available for this site. The final proposal for efficiency measures is due by the end of this year.