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REEMAIN demonstration factories represents three important and energy-intensive sectors of the European manufacturing industry (iron & steel, textile and food).

Foundry industry: SCM Group Spa - Fonderie


Fonderie is a profit unit of SCM Group Spa, world leader in the woodworking machinery, dedicated to the production of grey nodular and CG iron castings. Flue gas heat recovery from cupola furnace and high efficiency engines are a big chance for energy saving for this foundry.

Key Facts

  • Useful floor area: 19.000 m2
  • Site: Rimini, Italy
  • Products: grey and nodular iron castings
  • Annual production: 17.000 t (2011)
  • Employees: 119
  • Climatic zone: Mediterranean climate




Company description
SCM Foundries are part of the important international group SCM GROUP, world leader in the woodworking machinery and systems industry.

SCM Group has 27 production plants in Italy, employs 3.800 people and its turnover is around 650 million euros. It exports 70% of its production to 120 countries.

SCM foundries produce grey and nodular iron castings for various sectors of the market: textile industry, automotive, robotics, tractors, cranes, woodworking machines, compressors, pumps, gear boxes and urban devices are just some of the many ways in which our castings are used. 


Manufacturing process
The process on which the project will intervene can be depicted as follows:

  • Melting: takes place in a cupola furnace, with layers of coke and ignited with torches. When the coke is ignited, air is introduced to the coke bed through tuyeres in the sides, and when the coke is very hot, solid pieces of metal are charged into the furnace. The metal is alternated with additional layers of fresh coke.
  • Moulding: every day the production plan is sent to the molding line, and the parts to be cast during the day are indicated, with emergencies specified. The actual process of moulding is implemented by exploiting the imprint left by the two halves of the pattern on the green sand that fills the lower and upper box.
  • Pouring: the shapes are placed on the pouring line ready to be filled with molten iron.
  • Castings: the molten iron is cast and take the shape needed
  • Shot blasting: is performed to clean and polish castings, after being deprived of risers, investing them with a jet of steel shot.
  • Finishing: the castings are painted and polished.