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After one year and a half of work, REEMAIN is entering its most crucial phase, the one of technologies integration and deployment in industrial settings at our three demo sites.
The coming months should already provide evidence of how we are performing in terms of energy efficiency for the resources and energy intensive cases we are addressing. REEMAIN is entering its maturity phase in a time of consolidation of the overall Factories of the Future efforts at European level.
The recent FoF Impact workshop held in Brussels on the 29th and 39th of April, gathered the representatives of 69 projects, ranging from advanced joining to resources efficiency or zero defect manufacturing.
While research approaches may vary significantly from one initiative to the other, issues like sustainability and standardisation were pointed to by many of the participants as key issues to be solved, in order to deliver all the potential of the innovation our projects are struggling to bring about. At the same time, we are about to conclude the incorporation of REEMAIN into the Clean Manufacturing cluster, together with our sister projects AREUS, ENEPLAN, REFORM, 4, DAPHNE and Factory Ecomation.
The rationale behind the cluster is to optimise efforts, maximising visibility and impact and lay the basis for further shared actions, maybe in the shape of joint demonstrators or in international cooperation developments, an area in which REEMAIN appears to be a leading project, with its I-Prosper initiative with American and Australian partners.
Efficiently yours,
Anibal Reñones Dominguez
REEMAIN Project Coordinator, 
Fundación CARTIF