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With the efficiency measures being deployed at roughly 70% across its three demo sites, REEMAIN has definitely entered its maturity stage. Some interventions, like the commissioning of the promising Plasmapour technology at the SCM foundry, will be implemented during the summer, thus completing a varied range of approaches to the optimisation of industrial processes in the three sectors. Work done so far has confirmed the complexity of combining a systemic approach to efficiency with the needs and constraints of specific cases of processes and plants. We have already started working on the evaluation on the efficacy of those measures. This is a key phase in our project, in order to demonstrate the potential of our organic vision on energy efficiency in manufacturing. In this respect, a solid evaluation framework, relying on a complex set of data and analytical tools, has been set up and will be used as a reference for assessing the outcome of those measures.
In the meantime we are also intensifying efforts to raise the visibility of our project. While I am writing these lines, I have my boarding card ready on my desk to fly to Amsterdam, to contribute to the session on "Resource and Energy Efficient Production and Processing" at the Industrial Technologies conference. At the end of May, our colleague Uli Jakob of Dr. Jakob energy research, has presented some of the REEMAIN findings at the “Solar Thermal Energy for Europe 2020” workshop, organised by the European Solar Thermal Technology Panel (ESTTP), within the Innovation Platform on Renewable Heating and Cooling. We are also in the process of producing a video, to summarise the scope and activities of REEMAIN. We therefore expect to gear up for a more intense communication of our activities and results by next autumn, when the first results from the evaluation process will be available.
Efficiently yours,
Anibal Reñones Dominguez