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MTP Extension iProSPER

Through the Intelligent Manufacturing Systems program (, REEMAIN will conduct an MTP (Manufacturing Technology Platform) project extension titled “iProSPER” - “The International Program for Sustainable Production and Energy Reduction”. This international collaborative platform has been placed “in formation” within IMS and has already attracted the interest of several multinationals, technology providers, and leading universities in this area of research which include the University of Kentucky Institute of Sustainable Manufacturing, the Laboratory for Manufacturing and Sustainability at Berkeley, and the Center for Advanced Manufacturing at Purdue University.

Through this platform, REEMAIN will link to other EU projects, other international projects, standard and government initiatives in energy and resource efficiency. This collaboration is open and currently has activities in progress across Europe, the USA, Mexico and Australia.

Activities in iProSPER include collaborative research, joint dissemination, and best practice exchanges in the following objective areas:

  • Factory Auditing & Diagnosis of Material and Energy Efficiencies
  • Manufacturing Sustainability KPIs
  • Solutions for efficient manufacturing (Roadmapping Processes and Technologies)
  • Energy Saving/Harvesting/Scavenging Technologies
  • Harmonization of the factory with its environment
  • Case Studies
  • Sustainability Scoring
  • Student Exchanges
  • Financial / Economic Impact Assessment Tool

For more information about iProSPER, visit and contact Thomas Messervey of R2M Solution at