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REEMAIN consortium is made up of 16 partners from 6 countries.


SCM Group SpA - Fonderie


SCM GROUP S.p.A. designs, manufactures, supplies, and installs woodworking and panel processing equipment. Fonderie is a profit unit dedicated to the production of grey, spheroidal and compacted graphite cast iron castings for various sectors of the market.

It offers standard machines for joinery companies, including integrated lines for the industrial production of furniture and housing construction wood components, boat building, and joinery and bespoke interior manufacturers; large CNC routing machining centers; parquet lines, automatic tenoners, and assembly and packaging systems; cooling, profiling, and sizing line for polyurethane; integrated plants for wood wool; and plants for 2 layers parquet production. The company also provides installations, training, preventative maintenance, and emergency visit services. It exports its products internationally through foreign subsidiaries, and a network of distributors and agents for wood, glass, plastic, stone, advanced materials, and metal markets. The company was founded in 1952 and is based in Rimini, Italy.

SCM group owns also two foundries, which were initially specialized in components for woodworking machinery and later became more and more prominent in the production for a third party up to the actual 90% of the overall turnover.

Nowadays SCM foundries produce, with two factories located in Rimini and in Villa Verucchio respectively, grey and nodular iron castings for various sectors of the market: textile industry, automotive, robotics, tractors, cranes, woodworking machines, compressors, pumps, gear boxes and urban devices are just some of the many ways in which our castings are used. Besides, recently, SCM foundries set up the process for the production of Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI) castings, a material, with intermediate properties between grey and nodular iron, that is becoming popular particularly in the automotive sector.




Giuseppe Lucisano
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Stefano Cucchetti
Head of Foundry R&D
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