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REEMAIN consortium is made up of 16 partners from 6 countries.


IES - Integrated Environmental Solutions


Over the last 15 years IES has become well-known globally for its innovation and expertise in creating early-stage to detailed building performance analysis tools, as well as the supply of related consulting and specialist services.

The company advocates the ethos of integrated design and incorporation of performance analysis right from the earliest new-build and retrofit stages as the route to achieving truly sustainable, low-energy structures.

IES industry leading technology and expertise give the ability to quantify, optimise and verify objectives through analysis, helping more rapidly deliver a sustainable future for our cities and buildings. IES vision is to transform analysis technology use, dramatically reducing the carbon emissions produced by the built environment. Optimising the use of energy and conserving the earth's natural resources for future generations.


Valeria Ferrando
Project manager - EU head of research
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Ruth Kerrigan
Director, R&D