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Galletas Gullón, S.A.


Galletas Gullón, S.A. is one of the main Spanish producers of biscuits. Founded in 1892, it is the only family owned biscuit Company that remains in its field.

Thanks to its constant innovative effort, it has succeeded in establishing a position for itself among Spain´s top three biscuit companies.

In order to keep the current levels of competitive ness, Galletas Gullón has pledged its firm commitment to innovation and quality of its products, using the latest technological developments in the production processes. The constant technological innovation and development of new products have led Galletas Gullón to be the most dymanic biscuits company in Spain, continuously introducing original products in the market.

Since its inception, concern for Quality and Food Safety has been a priority in the development of any activity Galletas Gullón, and as part of the Community in which it is, our organization is Committed to protecting the environment, natural resources and health and safety of its employees and neighbors. All while maintaining the fundamental pillars of our organization equal rights and duties without discrimination based on race, gender, religious, ideology, political or trade union and ethics in relationships with all our stakeholders.




Julian Moreno

Sonia Gutierrez