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REEMAIN consortium is made up of 16 partners from 6 countries.


Est Enerji


EST Enerji, is a high Tech SME in Turkey. The company develops industrial automation, production management and energy management projects.

Since its establishment in 1997. EST completed several Eurepean Research projects. For Eureka Project St. Joseph 200, EST developed Material Optimization as well as Production Management Software for the new generation of wood cutting machines for SCM. For Eureka Project PACK 2000, EST developed Novel Line Manager Software for the generation of flexible packing machines of Aetna Group. EST participated in FP 6 project Miniref (2003-2006) and developed a special controller for the Ammonia Based Prototype System. In EuroStar project Plug and Play EST developed special Quality Control Machines. For manufacturing industry, EST worked on several SCADA applications for energy distribution and load shedding to collect data from remote distances utilizing RTU’s and central management software. EST has technical team of skilled engineers and consultants with varying abilities from database management, optimisation, hardware programming and data communications works with commercial OPC and SCADA brands. Currently they are a partner for the FP7 Project UV-MON.


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