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REEMAIN seeking pathways to successful exploitation

EC services for post-project commercial developments might help the consortium make clear plan on project results

Representatives from REEMAIN project coordinator Cartif and from CRIT took part in February in two important seminars gathering most of the currently ongoing FoF projects in Brussels. On the 16th the FOCUS CSA run a clusters based workshop with the participation of leading world experts in industrial technologies from Japan, the USA and Australia.

REEMAIN is one of the reference initiatives in the Clean Manufacturing cluster coordinated by the University of Sheffield. Joint demonstration activities are being discussed within the cluster, which could possibly integrate some of the innovation management approaches illustrated by the international speakers at the workshop. In the case of clean manufacturing, the systemic approach illustrated by prof. Jawahir of the University of Kentucky, in the US, might prove of special importance.

The day after, a crowd of about 60 project representatives gathered again at EFFRA, the European Factories of the Future Research Association, to learn about a wide range of services made available to projects via CSA dedicated initiatives or other forms of support for issues like market intelligence or the protection of intellectual property rights. The seminar was dedicated to Turning Success Factors into Factories of the Future Workshop”. REEMAIN will most probably access support from the Exploitation Strategy and Innovation Consultants (ESIC) Services directly managed by DG Research.