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REEMAIN at the 1st EFFECTIVE workshop FoF clusters work at common scenarios for exploitation

The 1st EFFECTIVE Workshop (Exploiting Factory of the Future projects through Enhanced Clustering towards Technology Transfer, Innovation and Value creation for European industry) was recently held at ComoNExT, a Scientific and Technology Park in northern Italy.

Organised by Synesis, which is also a partner in the Factory Ecomation project, the workshop brought together representatives from different initiatives funded under by the Factories of the Future programme with the objective of analysing their scientific context and make plans to support an optimal technological transfer of their results to industry. The expected results to be generated by the REEMAIN project were addressed in the context of the resource efficiency cluster of which also AREUS, EMC2-Factory, ENEPLAN, REFORM, DAPHNE and Factory Ecomation are part. Commonalities already exist among such projects in the definition of LCA, business case methodologies and the identification of Key Performance Indicators.

“One of the most useful indications from the workshop – says Marco Rocchetti of R2M, REEMAIN’s task leader for exploitation – is that we should try a more vertical approach aiming at meeting the specific targets of given categories of consumers, maybe coordinating some of the technical work done in different projects. We should pay more efforts to continuously identifying market trends which influence demand for new products. Integrating this into whole product development cycle, and not only in one given phase, can be crucial to link the research and development phase with the needs of the consumers”.

Clustering work among the resource efficiency FoF projects will continue in 2016, with possibly more focus on intellectual property, for which the concentration of rights in few partners rather than in large consortia, seems to be the most promising model.