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In the spotlight: First round of REEMAIN exploitation sessions held in Brussels

In parallel with its first project review, REEMAIN recently held an Exploitation Strategy Seminar (ESS) in Brussels. ESSs are a service provided by the Key Enabling Technologies Programme to assist projects in addressing innovation and exploitation management aspects, such as IP identification and characterization, patenting, trademarks, structuring consortium agreements, management of joint IP and dissemination of foreground knowledge. 

The REEMAIN seminar was led by Peter Moran of Vorteq Consulting and specifically addressed five exploitable results: the REEMAIN tool, the solar collector, the energy storage system, the automation tool and REEMAIN consulting services. For each of the ERs, a discussion in the form of brainstorming between partners and the facilitator was conducted to discuss the various exploitation aspects (type of IP, ownership, protection options, route to market, risk, …). Pre and Post Seminar documents and reports were circulated to draft and formalize a PUDF (Plan for Use and Dissemination of the Foreground).

Feedback from the seminar was extremely positive.  “Discussing the IP ownership of a couple of our results was a very good thing at this point of the project”, said Tom Messervey of R2M.  In the final report, four key points were highlighted for the continued development of REEMAIN exploitable results:

  • Achieving a common understanding about intellectual property (“IP”) and exploitation.
  • Making the problems, expectations (including IP ownership expectations) and motivation of each participant transparent – and as early as possible in the project.
  • Determining actions to reduce risks and define responsibilities and timelines to enable exploitation of the results.
  • Identifying factors (usually non-technical), which could represent a risk to the exploitation of the project results.