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In the spotlight: a cradle to gate approach

The assessment of REEMAIN’s environmental performance has been the object of work performed by the consortium in parallel with the start of activities at the demo sites.   

A gross environmental assessment based on “Life Cycle Assessment” (LCA) methodology was developed for each of the factories involved in the project, taking into account a cradle to gate approach and including (when possible) three stages (raw materials, transportation and manufacturing). This assessment has been developed considering annual data from the three factories.

Part of the study has focused on concrete products developed by each factory, on the basis of their specific Life Cycle Inventories (LCI). The assessment has also identified which elements have the higher environmental impact, and determined the most impacting stages in the manufacturing. Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions expressed as kg CO2eq and Cumulative Energy Demand (CED), expressed in MJ, have been the environmental indicators used, as strongly related with the energy consumption and efficiency. This will be the baseline for a future comparison of the environmental impacts between the current products developed by the factories and the future ones after the REEMAIN improvements are put in place.