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After almost one year and a half, the REEMAIN project has now entered its maturity phase. In a few words, we can look at the stage we have now reached as the boundary between the theoretical approach and the launch of the demonstration activities in the three industrial sites. The 16 months spent so far have challenged our research teams from different perspectives. We have made considerable efforts to identify, rank and project on our cases the currently available methods and technologies. At the same time, we have learned much about the concrete constraints in which factories and their people work, which have led us in some cases to use a surprising degree of imagination in proposing possible solutions to the issue of energy efficiency in production.
From now onwards, the assumptions formulated through the technology roadmap or the assessment of efficiency measures will have to be tested in real industrial environments. In the next months we expect to progress towards the real set-up of the energy efficiency measures in our partners’ plants, a milestone we aim to reach by November this year. The increased maturity of our project also enables us to communicate more and more often with our reference communities, be it the other sister projects such as Daphne or Factory Ecomation or the broader community of those interested in making industrial processes more efficient. Last December we launched our first webinar on our Technology Roadmap, the recordings of which are now available on our website. We will readily inform our readers of other opportunities in which we can share knowledge and experience with researchers and plant managers. We are also engaged to intensify the frequency of our newsletter, which we will publish now every two months, hoping to bring to your attention more regular updates on our vision… and more than that on concrete solutions.
Efficiently yours, 
Anibal Reñones Dominguez