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The IES Decision Support Tool in advanced development phase

It’s a busy time for IES, as their work is coming into the final period for the REEMAIN Decision Support Tool (DST) in the project. 

The REEMAIN DST is developed on IES software packages and builds on results of a previous project with Toyota and Airbus called THERM (THrough-life Energy and Resource Modeling). THERM aimed to support the manufacturing industry to move towards a more resource-efficient, low-carbon future by highlighting the sustainability and economic benefits of an integrated modelling process, and by providing insights and numbers on energy flows to achieve potentially large energy and carbon reductions.

The REEMAIN DST builds exactly on this integrated modelling approach to create a usable, cutting-edge tool to enable informed decision making regarding the improvements that can be made in the factory, using data collected from site with an integrated modelling tool. This tool guides the user to assess the most beneficial Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) and solutions ahead of actually making any physical changes in the factory. The tool will also allow for measurement and verification of any ECMs implemented on-site, to compare the actual performance to the simulated one.

To achieve this, the DST entails several different elements to combine hourly or sub-hourly data collected from the factory’s energy, material, heat sources and processes etc., using a web-based data acquisition tool. The data are seamlessly integrated into the REEMAIN desktop DST to drive modelled manufacturing process components, allowing for guided and advanced decision support through analysis of KPI’s and simulation results to assess a range of potential on-site solutions. Such solutions might include integrated simulation of the REEMAIN renewable technologies, automated recovery analysis, Energy Conservation Measure analysis and quantification at process level, as well as demand response, tariff and a library of other “Tactics” analysis of the overall factory environment.   

Considering data as a key element to drive the decision support platform, IES developed a novel “Rough-cut profile” approach for the REEMAIN DST which allows users to derive hourly data for their factory from their utility bills. This sets the basis for a preliminary analysis and decision support ahead of connecting live data streams to the tool. This is a key development in ensuring that the tool is useful and applicable to any factory regardless of BMS and systems installed. 


17 June 2016