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The modelling tool for potential users

A first lecture at Politecnico di Milano

The Politecnico of Milan (Polimi), one of European leading research institutes in energy and engineering, has been the first potential user to host a lecture on the modelling tool, in an intense session led by the R2M Team and by Hans Dhargalkar from IES. A group of researchers, PhDs and professors was guided in a practical exercise through the construction of a 3D model in ModelIT and through analysis performed in Suncast, Apache, MacroFlow and in Apache HVAC. With these tools, the participants could perform shading solar analysis, natural ventilation studies and a detailed HVAC energy performance simulation which can be useful in a sustainable design approach capable to create healthy and low-carbon buildings.

We found this introduction extremely interesting – says Andrea Bassani a participant from the University of Pavia – and we are looking forward to finding out more about the REEMAIN tool for industrial settings. The idea of profiling and managing manufacturing environments with a relatively low input of data is indeed very attractive and could really enable energy savings without major efforts to redesign energy flows”.

“Our intention with this training – says Andrea Costa of R2M – was to test the interest of practitioners towards the tool and possibly anticipate some of the problems or bottlenecks the software might encounter when fully deployed. We’ll need some more training sessions on a more advanced version of the tool, to be able to suggest some adjustments, if needed to our IES colleagues”.