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REEMAIN is developing a tool to assess a dataset of technology solutions

Developing a support tool to allow factory managers to evaluate energy consumption and materials use and thus make informed decisions with respect to where best invest their limited resources.

In a nutshell, this is the innovative tool that the REEMAIN technical partners are planning to deliver as one of the main outcome of the project. It will be based on the existing IES-THERM “State of the Art” (SOTA ) modelling tool to virtually assess a dataset of technology solutions and identify an optimal configuration which can then be installed and tested within the factories. The tool will facilitate the identification of appropriate solutions in the context of both the building level elements and manufacturing elements within the entire facility.

The REEMAIN tool is now in its requirements specification phase, which is the crucial step before starting the real coding phase. IES, together with the other partners involved in developing the technical solutions and tools for efficient manufacturing, have already defined the overall approach to modelling and simulations to be followed by the tool: how the tool will work, which renewables technologies will be modelled and included (solar cooling systems, PVs, solar thermal collectors and solar concentrators, ORC and CHPC systems, hot water thermal storage and Li-ion batteries), how simulations will be done and the overall time schedule for that.

 It is very important to have a common vision and agreement on how this will be done in the software as modelling manufacturing sites is very complex, every process being different from each other even in factories of the same sector.

Requirements specifications for the rough cut methodology implementation are also under preparation, and it is expected to be a web based tool linked to the REEMAIN tool.