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KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are of fundamental importance in order to evaluate the effectiveness of measures deployed. 

Given the complexity of industrial production in general, and of the specificities to be taken into account in the REEMAIN demonstration fields, this is a specially complex task, with clear implications on all successive project phases. 

Coordinated by EURAC, work in the definition of KPIs has moved from the KAP project work summarised in its “Standardisation proposal and dissemination activities” report. While the main structure of the KPI description proposed by KAP was maintained, the REEMAIN group involved in the activity soon realized the importance of adding a field concerning the time scale of the KPI acquisition/update.

A similar approach was taken in the review of the most relevant KPIs within the REEMAIN perspective. Again, the work done in the KAP project was carefully considered. The framework proposed there was adopted also within the REEMAIN project. The major change implemented as an adaptation to the REEMAIN approach, was the integration of a set of KPIs that are specific for the renewable energy sector.

Further specifications will have to be proposed for the actual deployment of activities at the REEMAIN demo sites (Gullón biscuit factory, SCM foundry, Bossa textile factory). This work is currently going on and in the next few weeks, a definitive KPI list will be prepared, including both general KPIs (suitable for application to different sectors) and specific KPIs (specialized for the different factories).