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Central Europe Presource project shows how material and energy efficiency go hand in hand

The Central Europe funded Presource project was completed at the end of 2014. The EDIT Value Tool, conceived to optimise resource efficiency in small companies, is one of its main outputs

“We started to develop the EDIT Value Tool – says Vladimir Dobes of Enviros, one of the project’s partners - as a need driven quantifiable approach on how to identify potential for improvement and devise the most effective intervention tools. In the past we had seen many interventions being based on tool or technology driven approaches, whereas we think that to explore the potential of resource efficiency within companies, we need to address all the different levels of the business, not just managerial or operational”.

According to Dobes, the main advantage of the EDIT Value tool is its flexibility and the fact that it can be tailored to the specific needs of small companies. “Some businesses need to improve their information system on flows, others can focus more on production optimisation, others can address strategic risks at the level of the product life cycle and its design”. Energy efficiency was not the primary focus of the tool, but the link between resource and energy efficiency, Dobes says, is evident. “Even if proposed innovations focus on material efficiency only, energy efficiency goes inevitably hand in hand with such improvements. Our experience is that despite all existing efforts, mainly implemented through energy audits, there is still a significant potential for better energy management and  energy efficiency improvements in all types of industrial sites. Material efficiency is often even more interesting both from the point of view of potential savings and environmental benefits. For example within the cost structure of an average SME energy usually takes only 2,2 % whereas 42,9 % of total costs are related to material inputs”.

The EDIT Value tool is accessible through the Competence Platform of the Presource project