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Technological objectives

From technological perspective, REEMAIN concentrates its efforts essentially on solar thermal concentration and on electricity battery storage, trying to address some of the most important bottlenecks that at the moment hinder their full deployment under real life conditions in production scenarios.

In particular, work will be directed at solving the challenges outlined below:

Solar Thermal Concentration 

  • To investigate ways of making it less dependent on climatic and seasonal conditions
  • To integrate it efficiently into industrial processes,
  • To develop intelligent control technologies adapted to factories conditions
  • To demonstrate solar technology suitability to the needs of a large scale industrial practice
  • To compensate fluctuating solar supply by providing appropriate storage solutions

Electricity Battery Storage

  • Size and complexity of battery systems (working at a compromise between cost, energy management and safety-factors)
  • To improve battery performance to make it satisfactory in industrial environments
  • To extract data and patterns to estimate the life time behaviour (life-time prognosis)

Factory Simulation

  • REEMAIN modelling and simulation tools will support the decision-making process regarding the potential of energy demand reduction by reusing wasted energy in manufacturing processes and/or integrating renewable energy sources.