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Demonstration objectives

REEMAIN intends to demonstrate in real manufacturing scenarios that it is possible to evolve towards its targets of optimised energy and resources use, while maintaining productivity and decreasing product life-cycle costs by 20%. 

Based on analysis of energy consumption in manufacturing, REEMAIN demonstration activities revolve around four key goals:

  1. Integration of renewable energy resources in the factory environment, taking into account innovative technologies to reduce overall energy demand and lead the drive towards net zero carbon factories.
  2. Optimisation of production processes and techniques, ensuring minimum demand of energy supply and material resources through predictive simulation models.
  3. Factory level energy and resource planning tools to help factory managers make informed decisions with respect to where best invest their financial resources.
  4. Sustainability assessment, to minimise the environmental impact of decisions taken.


The idea is that REEMAIN demonstration activities can pave the way to replication in EU textile, food and steel production industries which account for more than 50% of CO2 emissions and more than 20% consumption of electricity in industry.