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Resource and Energy Efficient ManufacturINg (REEMAIN) combines cutting edge knowledge and experience from production processes, energy simulation software tools, energy and resource planning and renewable energy and storage to develop and demonstrate a methodology and platform likely to boost the efficiency of both energy and material resources.

The project has four main focus areas:

  1. Innovation on use of resources (energy and materials) at the factory, including the optimization of the production-process-product, a seamless integration of renewable energy systems, and the recovery of wasted energy with environmental performances to be measured within a life cycle approach.
  2. Decision making tool to support factory owners in the complex tasks of analysis, decision and planning the best strategies to drive their factories towards resource efficiency and minimal environmental and cost impact.
  3. Demonstration activities in three different factories (SCM foundry in Italy, Bossa textiles in Turkey and Gullon biscuits in Spain) 
  4. Dissemination at the European and International levels together with a strong support for standardization activities and collaboration within the IMS (International Manufacturing Systems) framework through the IMS MTP Project iProSPER.

Within the REEMAIN framework the intelligent employment of renewable energy technologies and resource saving strategies consider energy purchase, generation, conversion, distribution, utilization, control, storage, re-use in a holistic and integrated way.