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Factory simulation tools

REEMAIN will develop a Decision Making Tool to support factory owners in the complex task of analysis, decision and planning the best strategies to drive their factories towards the goal of zero-carbon manufacturing. The tool will create a detailed factory model in which different technical solutions will be virtually tested and assessed

One of the main outcomes of REEMAIN will be a Decision Support Tool developed by IES (Integrated Enviromental Solutions) for the factory owners that will allow creating a comprehensive factory model including processes, building and resources, able also to get real time information from the factory. Based on the factory model, the tool will evaluate and quantify energy available from a range of sources and energy demand from a set of processes and the factory building services, in order to perform demand response analysis and tariff analysis of the overall factory environment.

It will assess to what extent different types of RES can reduce energy demand from the grid and hence reduce emissions and costs, thus supporting the optimization of energy consumption.

REEMAIN tool will also support decision making with respect to product-process-production optimization (PR3) and use of materials and energy recovery technologies (REC) to enable the energy manager to understand where waste material, waste heat and excess energy can be used elsewhere.

REEMAIN predictive tool will be able to model and trade-off the three main strategies (PR3, RES and REC) in an optimal manner, targeting a reduction of the overall factory environmental and economic cost.