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Electricity Storage

The installation of electrical Energy Storage Systems (ESS) is an opportunity field for factory environments, as it is not fully exploited in this ground. REEMAIN will be an opportunity to tackle the complex problem of battery dimensioning, get real data, performance, cycle life and cost.


Since an ESS allows increasing production efficiency and the transition to a sustainable energy society, IK4-Ikerlan task in REEMAIN project will be to develop an ESS based in Lithium-ion technology for its usage at factory level. IK4-Ikerlan aims to systematize the design and validation processes: from the commercial cell right up to the construction and validation of the electrical energy storage systems, including battery dimensioning, the global energy management algorithms and the cycle life cost of it.

Recent studios forecast that the industry will benefit of the progress in battery technology in the transport area (electric vehicles). Emerging storage technologies are expected to have improved performances and lower their current cost and the technology developed will expand opportunities for electricity storage as a cost effective electric energy resource, to be used, for example, at the industry scenarios foreseen.