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REEMAIN is now a mature project. With concrete plans for the deployment of efficiency measures in its three demo sites, we are now entering the crucial phase of our work. It is in the next months that we will find out whether the assumptions we have made and the solutions we have designed to make our industrial processes more energy efficient still hold true. 
The pathway to deliver the efficiency plans for the Bossa, Gullon and SCM factories has not been an easy one, as different kinds of issues, sometimes linked to the specificities of production, or to the characteristics of the three sites, have emerged to propose our research team even more exciting challenges than originally foreseen. This has led us to use imagination and propose in some cases a different mix of solutions, in particular for the foundry and textile case. The three industrial partners will now launch the commissioning phase for their new installations and in 2016 we will get a reliable picture of what impact our measures will have brought to their processes.
At the same time, we are now coming close to an advanced version of the simulation tool engineered by our software partner IES. Its application on modelling solar concentrators has been successfully tested and shared with interested stakeholders in a webinar, the recordings of which are available on our website. We will soon extend the software to other technologies. We expect to deliver by the end of the project a powerful tool available to factories managers to efficiently plan their efficiency improvements! 
The following months will keep us busy between Adana in Turkey, Rimini in Italy and Aguilar de Campoo in Spain, to monitor how the deployment of the efficiency plans unfolds. More news, data and feedback from factories are to be expected by the first half of 2016.
Efficiently yours, 
Anibal Reñones Dominguez