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Just ahead of its third birthday, REEMAIN is finalising the deployment of its efficiency measures in the three demo factories of Gullon, SCM and Bossa. Work in real industrial environments has challenged our research team with complex issues, which could not be entirely predicted at the start. Yet, we think we have come up with a rather innovative combination of solutions, which may be of inspiration to plant managers across Europe’s industrial landscape. What we don’t know yet is the outcome of the implementation of those measures and what impact they will have on energy (and money) saving for the factories that are experimenting them.  It goes without saying that we’ll now need to pay great attention to the collection and analysis of data from our demonstration sites.

We are also in the middle of intense efforts to design the marketing developments for our exploitable results. Our colleagues of R2M and CRIT have defined possible exploitation pathways and mid and long-term scenarios for the modelling tool, the solar thermal concentrator and the electrical energy storage system. The following months will clarify which commercial policies the owners of those innovations will want to adopt and what market segments could be the most suitable for their first deployment.

Finally, we take some pride for our decision to go public with one of our most outstanding pieces of work, that is the Technology Roadmap for Energy Efficiency in industry. We actually found out that what we imagined to be a study for our three demonstration sites, evolved into a broader insight on conditions, factors and technologies that can really change energy efficiency patterns in industry. This is now publicly available to those interested through our website. Later on we’ll also organise webinars on the manufacturing reference scenarios, another portion of our increasing knowledge on energy consumption (and saving) in factories. Stay tuned to find out more about them.

Efficiently yours, 

Anibal Reñones Dominguez