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Welcome to the second REEMAIN Newsletter! Stay informed about our project.

At the conclusion of its first year of activity, the REEMAIN project is ramping up and we can be confident that Year 2 will mark a leap forward in our technical progress. Lot of interesting things have happened in the last six months. We managed to advance on several fronts, from a deeper identification of issues at our demo production sites to the identification of relevant technology options, from the formulation of the performance indicators to the first wave of input to the rough cut modelling for our factories’ simulations.

Thanks to an impressive collective effort, guided by our partners Jakob Energy RES and EURAC, we have produced an exhaustive Technology Roadmap for RES, storage and waste recovery in industrial production. The roadmap is addressed more extensively in the “spotlight” section of the newsletter. Given the range of our demonstration activities throughout the foundry, textile and food sectors, we have analysed combinations or clusters of technological solutions applied to those different productive contexts. A summarised version of our deliverable will soon made available to the FoF community and to those interested, via our website.

Important progress has been done in selecting some of the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). While we paid attention to review the most important ones from the REEMAIN perspective, we also based our approach on previous activities carried out in the framework of the KAP project. We expect to complete the definitive list probably by the end of October.

On the outreach front, we have participated in a workshop on energy efficiency in industrial processes at SCM in Rimini at the end of September, in connection with the LET’s conference that took place in Bologna. This happens also at the time when we are connecting to the colleagues of other projects addressing similar issues, like Daphne, Factory Ecomation and FoundEnergy, in what promises to become an interesting cluster of innovation in energy efficiency for manufacturing.


Efficiently yours, 

Anibal Reñones
REEMAIN Project Coordinator, 
Fundación CARTIF