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Welcome to the first REEMAIN Newsletter! This is the first issue of a series of newsletters that will keep you informed about our project. 

When we started to imagine what we could do to make industrial productions more energy and resources efficient, we made assumptions on integrating technologies that finally led to submit the REEMAIN proposal. It is interesting to see that our approach is still valid today and reflected in the Factories of the Future research agenda and calls for proposals.

Our work has started less than six months ago and will hopefully finish by September 2017. By that time we’ll be able to tell whether our approach was successful and will know what kind of legacy, in the form of new systems or standards, it can leave to the European manufacturing community.

This newsletter intends to keep scientists, innovators and manufacturers abreast of project’s activities and findings. Interestingly, we have given REEMAIN a strong demonstration dimension, looking at three different sectors: food, metal and textile. In this initial phase of the project, we’re analysing their requirements, facing the multiple challenges that process adaptation can present in each of these sectors. This is a complex and yet a fundamental step which will eventually allow us to define efficient ways of extending our approach to other production sectors.

Making manufacturing more efficient is key to maintain European’s competitiveness and keep production alive in our economies, as well as globally benefitting the environment in which we live. Our ambition is to provide models and methodologies, by the end of our work, to decrease energy and resources consumption in as many sectors as possible, contributing also to make EU companies export c-lean (clean and lean) production technologies in the rest of the world.

Our newsletter will be distributed twice a year. Please feel free to encourage other stakeholders or interested parties to subscribe to it, keep an eye on REEMAIN and get in touch whenever you feel it would be appropriate to point us to new sectors, developments or complementary initiatives.

Efficiently yours,

Anibal Reñones
REEMAIN Project Coordinator, 
Fundación CARTIF