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REEMAIN Webinar on applied MRS at E3 Research Factory and Solar Process Heat potential for industry in Europe

 27th June 2017, 14.30 CET

Based on the general description of the Manufacturing Reference Scenarios (4th REEMAIN Webinar on 23.05.2017) the fifth REEMAIN webinar is focusing on the application of the MRS in the automotive sector. Therefore, the E3 Research Factory in Chemnitz, Germany was analysed and is showing their position in contrast to the total automotive sector.
For efficient integration of renewable energy systems the results of the potential analysis for using Solar Process Heat for industry in Europe shows surprising results and locations therefore.

 Webinar final agenda:

14.30 Introduction to the webinar (Dr. Uli Jakob, JER)

14.35 Overview of the REEMAIN project (Anibal Renones Dominguez, Cartif)

14.45 E3 Research Factory (Marian Süße, Fraunhofer IWU)

15.10 Application MRS on Automotive sector incl. E3 Research Factory (Dr. Uli Jakob, JER)

15.30 Application MRS:  Solar Process Heat Potential for Industry in Europe (Samuel Baumeister, JER)

15.50 Questions and Answers