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REEMAIN presented at the final TEMPO conference

Rick Greenough of the DMU (De Monfort University) was invited to delegates at the TEMPO (Total Energy Management for Production Operations) project conference at the University of Limerick in Ireland.

 Rick spoke about DMU’s energy modelling work in particular and the work of REEMAIN in general as well as directing delegates to the website for more information.

The TEMPO project involved academics from Ireland as well as the UK (Northern Ireland) and a consortium of Irish manufacturers. Many of these are in the food and drink, pharmaceutical and electronics industries, so the DMU’s expertise in modelling the use of energy for HVAC and building services is particularly relevant.

The TEMPO project was funded by the International Energy Research Centre in Ireland and has developed a range of energy monitoring and energy management tools that integrate the information available from existing factory systems with a minimum of extra metering and sensor installation.

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