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REEMAIN demonstration factories represents three important and energy-intensive sectors of the European manufacturing industry (iron & steel, textile and food).

Textile Industry: Bossa


Bossa is one of the largest integrated textile corporations of Turkey and produces denim fabrics and sportswear. REEMAIN applies here solar collectors and furnace recuperator on different manufacturing processes to decrease energy consumption.

Key Facts

  • Useful floor area: 85.000 m2
  • Site: Adana, Turkey
  • Products: demin and sportswear fabric
  • Annual production: 23 Mm
  • Employees: 800
  • Climatic zone: Mediterranean climate




Company description
Bossa, established in 1951, is one of the largest integrated textile corporations of Turkey with three manufacturing facilities
located on 650,000 m2 of land and its 2,500 personnel. In this project proposal the demonstration factory is placed in the industrial zone of Adana nearly 25 kilometers away from the city.


Manufacturing steps
The production facilities are the devoted to the production of denim fabric. The main manufacturing phases covered are:

  • Spinning mills: the raw cotton fibers are cleaned, parallelized, twisted and stretched in order to make the yarns in the desired specifications.
  • Rolling: in this process the objective is to build a beam with a rope made of several  yarns.
  • Dyeing: the bobbins are dyed by means of two different alternatives called rope dyeing and slasher dyeing.
  • Sizing: in this process a protective coat is applied to the fibers to smooth and strengthen them before weaving.
  • Weaving: the yarns are woven crossing the weft and the warps according to the pattern resulting from the design.
  • Finishing: the raw fabric is taken to the finishing mill where the properties (brightness, softness, hand touch etc) are improved.